Are Bamboo Sheets Eco Friendly?

by Milovan Simic May 30, 2016

Bamboo in the recent years is used as a building material but today, it is also useful in the textile industry.

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants that can be found in the different parts of the world. Its fast growth enables you to harvest it without causing any damage in the ecosystem and in the forest. It can grow up for about 24 inches in a day while others can grow for nearly 48 inches. Bamboo has a great potential in achieving thickness and full height in three to four months of its growing seasons. It is best harvested between third to seventh years of growing cycles. It can generate completely wherein there is no need for you to plant it to have new shoots in place. It will grow thicker and bigger as compared to its previous generation.
Even though harvesting bamboo do not provide great impact to the environment, there is some negative feedback in the internet and media on how the bamboo is being marketed as eco-friendly or not. The process of production of bamboo fabric becomes controversial.
The Federal Trade Commission provides some logic lies that bamboo sheets are made from the rayon of the bamboo and not from bamboo fibers.

However, what does rayon really mean?

Rayon is considered as one of the softest fabrics today that is made from numbers of fibers but not just from bamboo itself. It is accused and blamed for the destruction of forest wherein manufacturer use wood fibers from some rare trees just to produce rayon. However, because it is not considered as a tree and rather, a grass, it is one of the fastest growing plants that can be found in the world. Bamboo can grow quickly wherein it offers good renewable resources. It will not endanger the trees and can be automatically replaced once it has been harvested.
There are also researches showing that rayon fabric is more biodegradable as compared to cotton fabric due to its chemical properties. There is no statement showing that rayon fabric is not eco-friendly. Because of this, bamboo sheets are unique fabric that is produced to imitate different textures that make it become versatile. It is also easy to dye it as compared to other fabrics.

There are repeated analysis that is based from technology, proving that bamboo fiber can offer whiteness and thinness viscose that has tenacity, stability and strong durability.

It stands perfect quality and abrasion to spin. The cloth and yarn that is made from this kind of fiber are now labeled as first-class quality at all aspects of standards.
Bamboo fabric is made from 100 % bamboo pulp fiber that can characterized the following:
• Splendid color effect of pigmentation
• Easiness to dye and straighten
• Soft feel
• Excellent permeability
• Good hygroscopility
It is also the new environmental friendly material that can enjoy splendid prospect for applications as the predecessor of wood pulp fiber. For the meantime, cloth that is made from the mixed texture of cotton and fiber or other raw materials boasts superior property.
Towel and bathrobe that is made from bamboo fiber offers soft and comfortable feeling and special luster. If it is dyed, it is very beautiful and sparkling. Furthermore, it also considered as highly absorptive in water wherein bacteria are hard to breed.
In the fashion world today, most of the designers are looking for new materials to be used. Due to this, some of the craze looks for natural and handmade-textiles that can provide warmth. Because of this, one of the hottest fabrics that are becoming popular is the bamboo fabric. It is highlighted on different fashion shows for different summer and spring collections involving series of pants and coats that are made from the fabric that is made from bamboo. The bamboo clothes now are displayed in different women’s boutique and stores. Because of the exclusive manufacturing process, it all makes it possible to create a high absorbent, breathable bamboo fabric. Most of the clothes that are made from this fabric are now being sold like the ordinary clothes with light texture, cool and distinctive softness. There is also recent information, showing that 100 % bamboo yarns are great in elasticity. Because of this, bamboo is considered as the superior fiber that plays good category of its own. It is very versatile as compared to other garments.
Currently, bamboo sheets are now available in the market and are becoming competitive. Since beds are the best place to rest as there are eco-friendly products that are made from bamboo fibers that offers real comfort and peaceful night sleep. You can now choose different bamboo bedding that will suit to your room.
Since bamboo is very versatile, sustainable and renewable, it provides good effects in one’s health. Among it is the fact that it helps in stopping the spread of bacteria due to its microbial traits. Because of this, there are lots of manufacturers who produce Bamboo queen sheets, Bamboo sheet set and Bamboo pillow case set products from this amazing plant. You will have a bamboo bedding that is best in fighting bacteria that can help to reduce the risk of illness through your sheets, blankets and pillows. You will now have a good sleep that will result to you having a good health.

Bamboo is also known for its hypoallergenic traits.

Therefore, it is the best option for those who have allergies. Now, you can enjoy the eco-friendly bamboo bedding, made from comfortable and soft materials. Bamboo fibers can be spun into soft yarn that offers numerous textures without losing the natural strength of the bamboo.

The bamboo bedding is great option for your family because it can provide you excellent eco-friendly bamboo bedding products that will surely match with your personal preferences, style and color. You can now carry pillows, sheets, comforters and duvet in multitude styles and colors. There are also matching sets that will suit to your personal taste.

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