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June 15, 2016 4 min read


The Bamboo plant has been known by many for its ability to help save the environment. This is because it is capable of absorbing greenhouse gasses and it is also considered as a renewable resource. Apart from that, the Bamboo produces little waste only as almost all parts of the Bamboo can be used in creating various products, especially the Bamboo fiber. Thus, there is no wonder as to why it has been extremely popular, especially among designers and manufacturers.
What are the benefits of Bamboo fiber?
• It can be used for making clothing
The fiber from the pulp of the Bamboo plant can be used in making a wide range of clothing. This includes dresses, slacks, shirts and even socks. This is especially a great material for creative sportswear or active wear due to its anti-microbial properties. It is also UV protective, which means that by wearing such clothing, you are protecting yourself from the dangers of UV rays. Moreover, even those who have a sensitive skin can wear clothing that are made from it with ease.
• Can be used for creating a Bamboo pillow case set
As the fiber provides a feel or texture that is quite similar to that of the satin, it would be great to use it as a material for a pillow case. Moreover, such pillow case can even feel cooler during summer and warmer during winter, which is truly great. Apart from that, it is capable of providing superior comfort while you are using it.
• Great for towels
Towels should be soft so that it would not create irritations on the skin of the one who would be using it. That is why the Bamboo fiber is a great material for it. Moreover, it is not prone to shrinkage and as it is super absorbent, your body would surely be dry upon using it.
Why is the Bamboo fiber great for Bamboo sheets?
• Antibacterial
Well, one of the reasons why it is great for beddings is because of its antibacterial properties. Through it, you and your bed would be odor free and smelling fresh as it prevents the formation and spread of bacteria on it.
• Absorbs moisture
Bamboo fiber has micro-holes that makes it possible for the Bamboo cloth to have superior absorption. This only means that when you sweat on your Bamboo bedding, especially during summer, then it would be absorbed by it rapidly. In fact, it is said that it can absorb moisture for up to 4x faster than cotton. This also means that the said fabric dries quickly.
• It regulates your body’s temperature
When you have a Bamboo sheet set, you need not worry much about feeling hot during summer and feeling cold during winter. This is because it can also regulate the temperature. This is the same as what was stated before that it could make you feel warm during winter and cool during summer. In other words, it can adapt to your body’s temperature.
• Does not cause allergic reactions
It is a fact that there are other fabrics that can cause allergic reactions, especially to those who have a sensitive skin. However, with the use of the fiber from the fabric, one can ensure that their skin would not be irritated as they sleep or rest while using their bedding. This is also probably because of its naturally smooth texture.
• Naturally Soft
One of the most important thing that one should look for in a bed sheet is the comfort that it is capable of providing them. This is because you would not be able to rest well nor sleep at ease if the fabric used is too hard. On the other hand, it has been said that the Bamboo fiber is softer than cotton.
• Durable
Although they have a naturally soft texture, they are also extremely durable. In fact, it is also more resilient than other materials used for creating beddings. Thus, one can expect hat a Bamboo sheet set would not pill that easily, regardless of how many times you have used a washing machine or a dryer to clean it.
• Breathable
Beddings that are made from the fiber of the Bamboo plant are also breathable, which is important in sleeping. You would never feel suffocated while you are using it. This is because it has tiny gaps within it that aids in ventilation.
• Organic and natural
Bamboo plants are grown naturally and even without the use of pesticides, it can grow really well. Thus, same goes with its fiber. Thus, one can say that it is environment friendly as well.
• Easy to maintain
Due to its anti-microbial properties, there is not a need for it to be washed often. Thus, one would be able to save not only time and effort but also money. However, in case you wanted to wash them often, there is also no need for you to worry about damaging it. In other words, using such bedding requires little effort in maintaining it.
Bamboo beddings can now be purchased from the different parts of the world, as Bamboo exists in many areas as well. It is even possible to purchase them online, providing you more choices and convenience. Now, there has been a great change on what people think about the fiber that comes from the Bamboo plant. More and more people have been adoring and appreciative of it. In fact, many people have been switching some of their items to items that are made from it.

Bamboo is also known for being one of the plants in the world that can grow really fast, there are no signs that Bamboo fiber scarcity would be happening anytime. There is no reason not to take advantage of it as it also aids in making our environment a safer and cleaner place to live. Bamboo products are truly products that should be promoted more not only because they look good but also because they do good in our environment.

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