The truth about Thread Count

by Milovan Simic July 29, 2015 1 Comment


thread count and sheet softnesss

I've been getting a lot of inquiries lately about thread count.

It seems like thread count is the latest buzz word out there that people are throwing around to try and impress you with.

But does thread count actually count when it comes to choosing your bed sheets?

The answer as always lies somewhere in the middle.


To bring those of you with no idea about thread count up to speed, it is essentially the number of threads per square inch on a sheet.


Now how does this relate to comfort and quality?  

Well typically higher thread counts equate to a softer sheet.

Does this mean a million thread count will be like sleeping on a cloud?  Not exactly.

According to Consumer Reports a thread count of 200 is fine and a 400 thread

may be softer but anything above is only going to provide you with a bigger hole

in your wallet.

So are those 800 to 1200 thread counts even possible?

In one word. NO. It is Lies.

Yes you heard right, Lies.  It is impossible to fit that many threads into a square inch, not

without using some creative counting that is. In the battle for market dominance some

manufacturers have elected to not only count the thread, but the plies, the fiber that makes up the

thread. Preposterous I know, but using creative math can effectively QUADRUPLE the

actual thread count.

How can they get away with this?

Well I am glad you asked because they cant! Bed Bath & Beyond actually got sued for

misrepresenting thread counts but was able to settle for refunds, discounts, and gift cards. The

fact is there is just too much of it going on for anyone to put a stop to it. Why? Because it is all

marketing and it works.


So what can I trust to know I am getting good sheets?

There are many distinctions when it comes to sheets that are not thread count; fiber is a good one

 to look at as it will be extremely telling of what you can expect to receive. The fact is that a 200

thread count sheet can be much much softer than its 400 thread count counterpart. You have

probably heard another buzz word and that is Egyptian cotton*, the

Rolls Royce of fiber, it is softer, longer and more durable than traditional cotton.


* see also pima/supima cotton

But is it really?

You can go on Amazon right now and type in cotton sheets. Chances are, you will stumble

across numerous Egyptian cotton sheets and all of them will claim to be genuine, saying they

have the real stuff. Truth is...they don't. Egyptian Cotton might have meant something some time

ago but today it is just another buzz word used to trick consumers looking for the best sheets. It

is also impossible to disprove them, since Egyptian cotton is still cotton. Again manufacturers are just

using these buzzwords to trick the consumer.


Thankfully there are other options.

Bamboo viscose is one of those options. It is fiber that is made from breaking down bamboo

and it is even softer than Egyptian cotton. Bamboo actually produces a much thicker and longer thread than

cotton and on top of that expands when it is hot to breath easier and contracts when cold to keep

the person underneath nice and toasty through even the coldest winters.This fiber is slowly but

surely making people put down their antique cotton sheets and opt for bamboo sheets.

So what should you look at when buying sheets?

Nowadays picking sheets is kind of a crap shoot but keeping in mind its not all about thread count can really give you

the best shot at picking out that great set. Read next week for an in depth article on weave!


 Rest easy sleep enthusiast,



Milovan Simic
Milovan Simic



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Glenetta Martin
Glenetta Martin

October 11, 2016

I have very sensitive skin. I cannot even lay on a wrinkle. Are these sheets free from lint balls?

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