3 Practical Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Parents

by Milovan Simic November 10, 2017

We are at the early stages of the holiday season, meaning there is still plenty of time to get gifts purchased! This is the opportune time for anyone that doesn’t want to be left running around doing last minute shopping - especially if you hate the chaos of malls during the festive season!

Buying gifts for your parents is often difficult. Most people struggle with it, even more so when they do it last minute. But, parents have long been giving their children (of all ages) great gifts over the holidays, and there are few better feelings than getting something awesome and practical for your parents.

Still, wanting to buy great gifts is one thing, actually being able to do it is a whole other matter! For those struggling for practical holiday gifts for their parents, check out some ideas:

1. Food and Drink

If you are really struggling for ideas for holiday gifts, a sure-fire hit is to grab them some of their favorite food and drink. Now, presentation is key here too, so why not put everything together in a nice basket?

As for food and drink, go with the stuff you know they like but avoid buying because it’s more of a treat. Think wines, spirits, luxury cheese, meats, and chocolates, candies, gourmet coffee, craft beers - anything you believe your parents will enjoy is worth grabbing!

2. Luxury Bedding

The holiday seasons can get quite chilly, so why not allow your parents to relax and rest in style with some luxury bedding? Whenever your parents are tucked in nice and cozy, they will not only feel amazingly comfortable but be thinking of you for the awesome gift!

When it comes to luxury bedding, we simply love bamboo bed sheets. It’s got the silky softness and quality of Egyptian cotton but at a fraction of the price, and comes in many attractive styles. Another great idea is to go for a super soft blanket, plump goose feather pillows, and thick knitted throws, all of which offer the utmost luxury and comfort for your resting parents.

3. The Latest Tech

Many parents love to dabble in the latest technology, although not many of them are as tech savvy as their children. You can use this to your advantage by getting them some awesome gadgets they never knew they needed.

For example, why not transform your parent’s home into a connected conduit with an Amazon Echo or Google Home device? This wireless speaker can do plenty to make your parents life easier, such as music playback, adjusting lights, setting alarms, and controlling a variety of smart devices using nothing but their voice!

Better still, why not go for some throwback technology? Instant cameras are making a comeback, so why not give them one for taking plenty of holiday photos? Other popular options include Amazon Kindle, wireless headphones or speakers, fitness trackers, mini drones, tablets etc.

Just remember, there’s a good chance you will need to help them setting things up and learning how to use them!

Milovan Simic
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