4 Factors to Help You Know How Often You Should Replace Your Bed Sheets

4 Factors to Help You Know How Often You Should Replace Your Bed Sheets

May 25, 2017

While there is a common consensus on how often we should change our bed sheets, not as many people understand how long they should keep their bedding for before throwing it away and replacing it with something new.

There are many factors that will impact the overall lifespan of bed sheets, from how long you’ve had it for to the overall quality of the materials. But, as bed sheets will be frequently laundered, there will come a time when you should replace them!

The following factors should make it easier to understand when it is time to replace your bed sheets:

1. Age

The lifespan of bed sheets will vary, with some able to last several years or longer, while others are lucky to survive for a single year. The overall age of your sheets is one of the easiest factors for helping you know when it is time for a replacement.

Most people feel that between 1-2 years is the maximum amount of time before getting something new. This makes sense as our sheets face exposure to sweat, dust, bacteria, and accidental spillages on a regular basis, meaning the need to get washed frequently to keep them clean.

As it's recommended you wash your sheets every week, they will be exposed to high temperatures when washed and dried, which shrinks fibers over time while also fading the patterns. Therefore, it only takes a year or two before the sheets should be replaced.

2. Wear and tear

Knowing how long you have had your sheets is any easy way to help decide if it is time to replace them, yet many older sheets still look great even after a few years of use. If this is the case, it may be better to look for signs of wear and tear you may not have noticed.

The most obvious signs are faded sheets, which highlights that they have been washed so extensively that the material is beginning to fade. As a result, the fibers are likely affected too, meaning it is likely time for a replacement.

Other clear signs include frays at the hems, as well as general tears and thinning patches that may appear around the bedding.

3. Stains

While it is certainly possible to remove a stain from a bed sheet, tough stains that are harder to remove may be a sign that they should be thrown out. This is because you will need to use an oxygenated bleach to remove the stain, which will damage the fibers of the bedding and make them less comfortable and more worn out.

Plus, in terms of aesthetics, having stained bed sheets isn't the most appealing sight, meaning it could be a good idea to replace them.

4. Materials

The materials used in your bed sheets can indicate how long they should last before needing to be replaced. For instance, natural fibers such as cotton will normally last longer than a synthetic material.

However, even natural fibers lose their softness eventually, but you should get more out of them when compared to synthetic bedding. Be sure to check the fabrics used in your bed sheets to help give a better idea of how long they will last.

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