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January 07, 2017 2 min read

5 Reasons Why Sheets Made from Bamboo are the Best Value

Your pillows and mattress are not the only factors that contribute to getting a good night's sleep. Your bed linens such as blankets, pillowcases and sheets also make a big difference. If you want to sleep on something that is of good quality, is comfortable, and has natural anti-bacterial qualities, there is no better option than bamboo sheets. If your sheets have been made from natural bamboo fiber, or viscose that is made from pure bamboo, you will enjoy many benefits.

Following are some reasons why sheets made from Bamboo are the best value for your money:

  1. Durability

Above all, bamboo sheets typically have more durability as compared to sheets made from other materials. Bamboo is a tough raw material, so you won't have to worry about your sheets being easily torn or ripped.

  1. Thermo-Regulating

Another great advantage of using bamboo sheets is that bamboo material is breathable; which means that it doesn’t matter whether the climate is cold or hot, because you won't have to worry about feeling too cold during wintery months, nor too hot during warmer months. In whatever season, e.g. fall, summer, winter, spring, you will feel comfortable when you have sheets made from bamboo on your bed.

  1. Anti-Bacterial

Bamboo is a natural anti-bacterial material. Bamboo is also well-known for eliminating odor causing bacteria. So, if you want bed sheets that are kept cleaner than most and smell fresh, go for those that have pure bamboo as a primary material.

  1. Soft and Smooth

Sheets made from bamboo have unbelievable smoothness and softness. Don’t think that bamboo bed linens are scratchy and rough - they are not. In fact, sheets made from pure bamboo have textures that are fit for royalty. If you don’t believe it, try searching online or going to the mall; you will find out that most luxury bed linens are essentially made from pure bamboo material or fiber. So, if you want to indulge in soft and smooth sheets that are also durable and could last for many years, it is recommended to buy ones that have bamboo fiber.

  1. Moisture Resistant

Bamboo has natural moisture-resisting qualities. That means, if you have sheets made from bamboo your bed will remain dry even if you drool or sweat while sleeping in the night, etc.  The days are gone when you wake up and find out that your sheets and pillowcases are soaked.

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