5 Ways to Deal With Night Sweats

by Milovan Simic March 01, 2017

5 Ways to Deal With Night Sweats

After a hard day at work, you want to relax and sleep soundly. However, night sweats have a different idea for you. They make it so uncomfortable to sleep and leave your bed soaked. You do not want to wake up fatigued and be sleepy all day. Here are excellent ways to deal with night sweats and hot flashes.

  1. Check Your Weight

Fat is known to lock in heat. Shed off a few pounds and your body will not have to pack all the heat that causes sweats. In fact, sweats are attempts by the body to regulate heat. Losing as little as 10% of your body weight will reduce the chances and severity of sweats by up to 25%. This trick works for people who are obese. While you exercise, you should also avoid foods and habits that cause you to add fat, sometimes unconsciously. If you are lighter, then your condition can only be addressed through other means..

  1. Eat Healthy Foods

The food you consume determines both your short and long term health. Packing a lot of food in the body will generate heat. The amount of energy required to digest this food and the heat generated during digestion will determine whether you experience sweating episodes or not. Foods recommended to keep you cool include fruits and whole grains. They are packed with a sufficient supply of fiber which keeps your digestion light.

Along with eating healthy foods, it is recommended that you drink enough water throughout the day. This will keep your body cool. If you have to take other liquids as replacements, avoid alcohol and other drinks that generate too much heat during digestion.

  1. What’s Your Habit Before Going To Bed?

The steps you take in the evening can determine how sweaty your night will be. Eat several hours before going to bed. Eat a light meal considering that you do not require a lot of energy in the night. Take a shower to cool the skin and allow it to breathe. Take deep breaths and avoid stress by all means. This will keep your body calm throughout the night.

  1. Watch Your Room

Whether you will have a sweaty night or not will largely depend on the condition of your room. Use quality bedsheets and beddings. Consider a fabric that takes away heat and perspiration from your skin, which can most easily be found in sheets made from bamboo viscose. Ensure that the room is well aerated and cool. If it is too hot, you can obviously expect a lot of sweat for the night.

  1. Avoid Triggers

There are foods and actions that will cause you to sweat and more so during the night. They include

  • Smoking or ingesting second hand smoke
  • Using heavy sheets and blankets
  • Spicy foods
  • Stress
  • Tight and restrictive clothes
  • Caffeine and alcohol

There are factors inside and outside your body that will make your nights sweaty or not. Watch out for these triggers and make necessary adjustments. The solution lies inside your body as well as within the surrounding environment.

Milovan Simic
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