How to Pick the Perfect Pillow

by Milovan Simic November 07, 2015

There are many different factors affecting the quality of sleep you get every night and one of these is your pillow. Picking the wrong pillow can actually exacerbate shoulder and neck tension as well as headache. You therefore need time to determine the perfect pillow based on your personal needs and sleeping habits. This will help ensure your ultimate comfort and will guarantee that you will wake up feeling better and refreshed the next day.

When your present pillow interferes with your comfort and convenience, it is about time to shop for a new brand of pillow. So how do you really pick the perfect pillow? Where do you start? When picking a pillow, consider the following:

  • Physical size and age of users  
  • Preferred position when sleeping
  • User’s need for special support
  • The length of period user usually lie in bed
  • Allergy-related issues.

Finding the Perfect Pillow

There are many ways on how to find the perfect pillow. It just takes a matter of researching and elevating your awareness about the many different types of pillows available. You have to compare, assess your needs and your sleeping position so that you will end up with the perfect pillow that can make you sleep in peace and comfort.

The following are ways to help you pick the perfect pillow:

  • Consider Your Sleeping Position

The way you position yourself in your bed can help determine the perfect pillow that you actually need. Taking for instance if you take a nap on your back, see to it that you secure a fluffier pillow which lifts your chin and head. This type of pillow can also help in snoring or breathing.

  • Read Reviews

If you are shopping online, read customer reviews to determine which pillow is right for you. Reading online reviews can help you make a sound buying decision since you already have an idea about the features and cost of pillows.

  • Consider Feather Pillow

These types of pillows are usually made of duck or geese inner plumage and are filled based on the preference of the users. The firmness of these pillows best suits side sleepers. There are many benefits you can get when you choose feather pillows. These are breathable and resilient because these are crafted using natural materials and can last for up to ten years. However, there are few drawbacks linked to these pillows. These can exacerbate asthma and allergies so some individuals avoid them.

  • Consider Foam Pillow

These pillows are crafted using polyurethane combined with added chemicals. These pillows come in all sizes and shapes such as the S-shaped version. The benefits of using foam pillows are immense. These do not just offer comfort but also good support especially if you are suffering from shoulder, jaw and neck problems. These pillows are also long lasting and great at forming to your neck and head’s contour. However, if you move a lot, the foam pillow might be uncomfortable.

Following these ways, you can certainly end up with the perfect pillow.

Milovan Simic
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