7 Ways to Stay Cool at Night During the Summer

by Milovan Simic June 08, 2017

Staying cool, especially at night during summer can be a challenge. And it is even harder if you are living in one of the hotter states. The muggy, soaring temperatures during the summer can become the major cause of sleepless nights. However, there are some ways to stay cool and have a good night’s sleep without sweating during the summer.  Following are 7 tips:

1. Use Bamboo Bed Sheets

Your bedding is one of the most important things you should be focusing on if you want to avoid having sleepless nights during the summer. Using bamboo bed sheets is the best way to stay cool. Bamboo sheets help your body maintain a comfortable and even temperature during the night. One of the basic properties of bamboo is that it stays cool. Furthermore, bamboo is also good at whisking away surface moisture.

2. Light Clothes

Light pajamas and light bedclothes are certainly an important option. There are special pajamas made from such materials that can wick away sweat in order to cool down body temperature. These night clothes are extremely helpful and are recommended if you want to stay cool at night during the summer.

3. Open the Windows

Don’t do this during the day; this should only be done after sunset and only when the temperature on the outside is cooler than the temperature in the house. If you have no problem sleeping with the windows open, then it is recommended that you do so. If you are worried that opening the windows will let in more noise from the outside, you can wear earplugs as long as you can still hear the sound of the alarm going off in the morning.

4. Cold Shower

Feel clean and fresh by rinsing off the clamminess of the day before diving into a bed of cool bamboo sheets. A cold shower will lower your body temperature instantly and as the water evaporates from the skin, you will continue to cool off. In this way, you will start the night cool, clean, and fresh.

5. Electric Fan

Another way to stay cool at night is to bring an electric fan into the room and blow cool air over you. Although electric fans are not very silent, you will get used to its noise after some time. According to sleep scientists, an electric fan is one of the most sensible options for getting a good night sleep in the summer. You can also use a ceiling fan for the same purpose.

6. Keep Curtains Closed During the Day

Make sure to keep the sun out, if your bedroom receives direct sunlight during the day. In this way, you will prevent the room from unnecessarily heating up.

7. Turn Off Appliances

Turning off your appliances can have a significant effect on the temperature of the room as most appliances emit some heat. If you want to cool down the climate, you can turn everything in your bedroom off before sleeping.

Milovan Simic
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