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March 31, 2017 2 min read

How We Know That Bamboo Sheets Are More Popular Than Ever Before

In the last few years, the popularity of bamboo sheets has shot up very quickly. This multipurpose natural fiber has a lot of qualities prized particularly by the bedding and sheets industry - including “breathability” and antimicrobial properties. As the demand of eco-friendly products has increased over the years, bamboo has found its way into clothing, flooring, bedding, etc. But its most popular use is bamboo sheets.

Unlike cotton, Bamboo requires no fertilizers or pesticides, and requires very little water to sustain and grow. Another highly beneficial and unique feature of bamboo is known as “bamboo kun”. This naturally antifungal, antimicrobial bio-substance protects bamboo from pathogens and pests in nature, and is also found in the spun fibers. Bamboo’s antibacterial qualities have been put to the test many times by various recognized groups such as the Japan Textile Inspection Association and the Chinese Industrial Testing Center. The results showed that bamboo fabric displayed a 99.8% kill rate within a 24-hour bacterial incubation period. In the JTIA test, the fabric was subjected to 24 hours with live bacteria and washed 50 times.  Even after those tests, bamboo was still over 70% effective at killing the bacteria.

Breathability is another major advantage of fabrics made from bamboo fiber. Not only is bamboo more absorbent than cotton, it is also capable of wicking moisture away from the skin, which means that skin moisture can quickly evaporate. This keeps the sleeper comfortable and dry. Furthermore, bamboo drapes similarly to silk and is softer to touch than cotton. It’s feel is comparable to rayon and modal - other natural wood-based materials.

Over the years, bamboo sheets and bedding have been popping up in various popular stores around the world.  As the popularity of bamboo sheets is increasing, a wide range of other bedding items made from it have sprung up as well. Some of the popular bamboo products include pillows and blankets.

In conclusion, with the growing popularity of bamboo sheets, the number of it’s loyal followers is also increasing. Many individuals who wouldn’t consider anything other than Egyptian cotton for their bedding, are now using bamboo sheets happily. This proves that due to its highly beneficial and unique characteristics, bamboo has surpassed other fabrics in terms of comfort and popularity.

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