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June 29, 2017 2 min read

With a few changes, you can easily transform your bedroom into a luxury suite. The bedroom is not just for a good night’s sleep, it is an important sanctuary for your peace of mind, hence a proper balance between comfort and functionality is essential. From pillows to curtains, following are some tips that will make your bedroom more luxurious:

1. Bamboo Bed Sheets

Beautiful bamboo bed sheets will help you sleep well due to their comforting featuresand also look good at the same time. Just make sure you add a throw and plenty of pillows to keep the look luxurious.

2. Bamboo Cushions and Pillows

Apart from getting a bamboo linen, you can add multiple bamboo cushions and well-stuffed bamboo pillows to increase the luxuriousness of your bedroom.  Two comfy pillows on each side of the bed and a lumbar style or decorative pillow will do the trick.

3. Symmetry

Two bed side tables with two sets of pillows and two lamps will create a healthy balance for a pleasant appearance and increase the luxuriousness of your bedroom. You don’t necessarily have to match the lamps and bedside tables if you are looking for a more eclectic contemporary look; just make sure there are two.

4. Curtains

Quality window coverings definitely do their part to elevate a bedroom space. No matter what you choose; shutters, blinds, or curtains to draw at night, just make sure you have them professionally made to size.

5. Lighting

Lighting with a dimming feature is a huge help if you want to ease into a long, uninterrupted sleep. You can also use bedside lamps to do the same. Apart from lamps, you can purchase a statement hanging light, it will give your bedroom a more well-thought, expensive look.

6. Rugs

Flooring plays an important part in the overall luxuriousness of any bedroom, so don’t ignore it. Add a layer of comfort and texture to your bedroom with tiles or boards, or a sisal or wool style rug.

7. Entrance

Luxury hotels use a well-designed and grand lobby entrance to create a relaxed, positive feeling from the outset and entice you further. Your bedroom’s entrance should evoke the same feeling. Stand at your bedroom’s door and see what catches your eye first. Make sure you have a neat arrangement of practical and decorative objects such as books and candles and surfaces aren’t cluttered.

8. Armchair

Provided you have enough space, you can increase the luxuriousness of your bedroom by adding a comfortable armchair. Choose something comfortable and elegant to sit in, in order to read a book or to simply remove your shoes and relax. As mentioned before, you can add cushions to enhance the level of luxury here.

9. Breathe Life

Greenery and flowers should not be reserved for dining and living spaces only. A bunch of roses or an orchid will look decadent as well as breathing a subtle fragrance and fresh life into your bedroom.

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