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Bamboo Sheets Sale, Color, Softness, and other Frequently Asked Questions

bamboo sheets sale faq

Q. I'm looking for a bamboo sheets sale - do you offer discounts?

A. Our sheets are always a value, and our prices are very competitive- especially when you compare the quality of our products to other online sellers. However, we really want you to try our bamboo bed sheets so if you go to our Home page and click the "Get Discount" tab on the right of the page, you will find a one-time discount offer.


Q. Do you offer the sheets in different colors?

A. At the moment we offer White, True Ivory, and Steel Grey, with more to come.  Purchase our bamboo bed sheets and experience their classy style.  You've got nothing to lose with our 30 day money back guarantee!


Q. How do these sheets compare to Cotton Sheets?

A. They are comparable to 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets.  For a longer and more thorough answer, read our article "Bamboo Vs. Cotton Bed Sheets".


Q. How do they compare to silk sheets?

A. They are soft to the touch but not slippery.  Read our article "Is Bamboo Better Than Silk" for more helpful info.


Q. How durable are these sheets?

A. If washed and cared for properly they will last for many years.  This is one of the many benefits of bamboo fiber.


Q. Where are the washing instructions?

A. They are included with the sheet as well as right here.


Q. Will my life change for the better using these sheets?

A. Yes.