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Why Bamboo?1

Soft, Cool, Clean & Green

 Bamboo Tranquility Sheets are twice as soft as cotton and comparable to 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets! You can only be the one to judge that so try them out today. We know you’ll feel the difference and that is a guarantee. Our bamboo sheets are so soft once you try them everything else just can’t compete.


The Thermal Regulating trait of bamboo makes it ideal for summertime use as well as winter time snuggles! The bamboo adjusts to your body temperature and keeps you just right all night long.


Today millions of people suffer from allergies, with bamboo naturalantibacterial qualities now more than ever people can get a good nights rest. Bamboo is also odor resistant,so you will save money by not having to wash it as much as your old sheets.


Buy easy and guilty conscious free! Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world, growing up to 4 feet a day! It is one of earth’s most eco-friendly resources! It keeps our air cleaner, our soil stronger and the earth in better shape.


Better than cotton! Cotton takes 3 times as much water to grow as bamboo and is not nearly as efficient. Bamboo also has no natural pests. It is time to support bamboo for our planets sake.